the beginning...

Deer Valley Municipal Airport was built in 1960 as a private airfield with a single runway. This simple facility had no control tower and very limited amenities. In 1971, the City of Phoenix purchased the 482 acre site. Operations began with a temporary air traffic control tower sitting atop a four foot mound of dirt. Locals joked that the mobile unit looked more like a hot dog stand. They were not too far off; the aging piece of equipment was being used as a hothouse for growing tomatoes before being called back into service for the airport.

In 1975, a new terminal was constructed and the FAA began directing air traffic. Moving into a modern control tower, the FAA replaced Deer Valley's four hard-working radio operators with 26 air traffic controllers. The airport also became home to the Phoenix Police Department who utilize a 12,000 square foot hangar for their citywide helicopter operations.

Careful planning and a sleek, contemporary design have earned Phoenix Deer Valley recognition as the nation's 3rd busiest general aviation airport.

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